September 2005

स्वभावो नोपदेशेन शक्यते कर्तुमन्यथा ।
सुतप्तमपि पानीयं पुनर्गच्छति शीतताम् ॥

It is not possible to change a persons habits by advising him.
Just like water becomes hot when you heat it... But always
turns cold (normal behaviour) in time.

यस्मिन् जीवति जीवन्ति बहवः स तु जीवति ।
काकोपि किं न कुरुते चञ्च्वा स्वोदरपूर्णम् ॥

You lived your life when in your life, many others find their lives (you help others make a living). Otherwise you are no better than a crow that fills its own stomach with its beaks.

दनेन तुल्यो विधिरास्ति नान्यो
    लोभोच नान्योस्ति रिपुः पृथिव्या ।
विभूषणं शीलसमं च नान्यत्
    सन्तोषतुल्यं धनमस्ति नान्यत् ॥

No ritual as sacred as sacrifice (charity). No enemy like greed. No ornament like chastity. No wealth like happiness.

संरोहति अग्निना दग्धं वनं परशुना हतं ।
वाचा दुरुक्तं बीभत्सं न संरोहति वाक् क्षतम् ॥

A forest burnt down by fire, or cut down by axe will eventually grow back. But wounds caused by harsh, inappropriate words will never heal.

अहो दुर्जनसंसर्गात् मानहानिः पदे पदे ।
पावको लोहसंगेन मुद्रगरैरभिताद्यते ॥

When you are with the unworthy, you get humiliated often. Just like even a peice of gold gets beaten again and again if it with an iron piece.

द्वौ अम्भसि निवेष्टव्यौ गले बद्ध्वा दृढां शिलाम् ।
धनवन्तम् अदातारम् दरिद्रं च अतपस्विनम् ॥

There are two kinds of people that deserve to be pushed into deep seas with a heavy stone tied to them - the wealthy who do not do charity, and the poor who do not work hard.

चिता चिंतासमा हि उक्ता बिन्दुमात्रविशेषतः ।
सजीवं दहते चिंता निर्जीवं दहते चिता ॥

In sanskrit, worry and funeral pyre are almost identically spelled (the difference being just a "."). While the funeral pyre burns the dead, worry burns the living.

अङ्गणवेदी वसुधा कुल्या जलधिः स्थली च पातालम् ।
वाल्मिकः च सुमेरुः कृतप्रतिज्ञस्य धीरस्य ॥

For a brave person with conviction, the world looks like a small ground, voilent rivers become mere canals, the violent under ground (patala) is just like a park, the mighty Mt. Meru is nothing more than an ant hill...

येषां न विद्या न तपो न दानं
     ज्ञानं न शीलं न गुणो न धर्मः ।
ते मर्त्यलोके भुविभारभूता
    मनुष्यरूपेण मृगाश्चरन्ति ॥

Those without education, no hardwork, no charity, no knowledge, no virtues, and no code (dharma) - they are animals walking on earth in human form.

माता मित्रं पिता चेति स्वभावात् त्रतयं हितम् ।
कार्यकारणतश्चान्ये भवन्ति हितबुद्धयः ॥

Mother, Friend and Father - these three always do good to you. Any body else being nice to you is always for their own benefit.

वदनं प्रसादसदनं सदयं हृदयं सुधामुचो वाचः ।
करणं परोपकरणं येषां केषां न ते वन्द्याः ॥

Who will not honor such a person - who keeps a smile on his face always, has compassion in his heart, whose speech is controlled, and always helps others.

अनाहूतः प्रविशति अपृष्टो बहु भाषते ।
अविश्वस्ते विश्वसिति मूढचेता नराधमः ॥

Going to places un-invited, taking too much when not asked, trusting the unworthy are the qualities of a foolish bad people.

गर्वाय परपीडायै दुर्जनस्य धनं बलम् ।
सज्जनस्य तु दानाय रक्षणाय च ते सदा ॥

A wicked person uses his money to show-off and strength to hurt others. A good person uses them for charity and to protect the weak respectively.

यथा चित्तं तथा वाचो यथा वाचस्तथा क्रियाः ।
चित्ते वाचि क्रियायांच साधुनामेक्रूपता ॥

Your thought become your words, your words become your actions. One who is clean in his thoughts, words, and action - all of them - he is called a "Sadhu".

सत्यं वद धर्मं चर स्वाध्यायान्मा प्रमदः ।
आचारस्य प्रियं धनमाहृत्य प्रजातन्तुं मा व्यवच्छेत्सीः ॥

A lesson to students graduating from the gurukul. Always speak the truth, Live by the code (Dharma), Never stop to self learning, Pay appropriate fees to the teacher and do not abstain from the next phase of life (which involves setting up a family and sustaining the race)

विवेकः सह संपत्या विनयो विद्यया सह ।
प्रभुत्वं प्रश्रयोपेतं चिन्हमेतन्महात्मनाम् ॥

It has been a hallmark of great people to have both wealth and intellect together. Knowledge and humility together. Power and modesty together.

वज्रादपि कठोरापि मृदूनि कुसुमादपि ।
लोकोत्तराणां चेतांसि को हि विज्ञातुमर्हति ॥

Sometimes it is harder than diamond. Somtimes it is softer than a flower. Such is the mind of the great people changing according to need. Who can decipher it?

संसारविषवृक्षस्य द्वे एव मधुरे फले ।
सुभाषितं च सुस्वादु सद्भिश्च सह संगमः ॥

In this poisonous tree called materialistic world, there are only two sweet fruits - good words of subhashita and company of the virtuous people.

धृतिः क्षमा दमोऽस्तेयं शौचमिन्द्रियनिग्रहः ।
धीर्विद्या सत्यमक्रोधो दशकं धर्मलक्षणम् ॥

Resolve, forgiveness, controlled mind, never stealing, cleanliness, control over senses, intellect, education, honesty and never getting angry are the ten facets of Dharma (the code of righteous living)

मितं च सारं च वाचो हि वाग्मिता ॥

Words and meaning must as consise as possible.

श्रेयश्च प्रेयश्च मनुष्यमेतः

    तौ सम्परीत्य विविनक्ति धीरः ।
श्रेयो हि धीरोभिप्रेयसो वृणीते

    प्रेयो मन्दो षोगक्षेमाद् वृणीते ॥
Every man is faced with both choices. The good, and pleasant (tempting... but not ethical). A wise man takes his time, thinks and chooses the good even though it is not pleasant. A foolish man chooses the pleasant with only the short term gains in mind.

मित्रस्य मा चक्षुषा सर्वाणि भूतानि समीक्षन्ताम् ।
मित्रस्याहं चक्षुषा सर्वाणि भूतानि समीक्षे
मित्रस्य चक्षुषा समीक्षामहे ॥

Let me see every creature in this world with a friendly eye. Let the world see me with the same. Let every body in the world see eachother likewise.

श्रुयताम् धर्मसर्वस्वं श्रुत्वा चैवावधार्यताम् ।
आत्मनः प्रतिकूलानि परेषां न समाचरेत् ॥

Listen to the jist of the Code of Life. Once listened, never foget it. Never impose anything on others that you would not like to go through.

आदित्यचन्द्रावनिलोऽनलश्चद्यौर्भूमिरापो हृदयं यमश्च ।
अहश्च रात्रिश्च उभे च सन्ध्ये धर्मेऽपि जानाति नरस्य वृत्तम् ॥

The Sun, Moon, Wind, Fire, Earth, Water, Conscience, Death, Day, Night, Dawn, Dusk and the moral code of life stand witness to a man's actions.

पूर्वजन्मकृतं कर्म तद् दैवमिति कथ्यते ।
तस्मात् पुरुषकारेण यत्नं कुर्यादतन्द्रितः ॥

The karma for previous life is carried on in this too and is called "daiva" (fate). Hence one should never giveup his efforts and work harder.

षड् दोषाः पुरुषेणेह हातव्या भूतिमिच्छता ।
निद्रा तद्रा भयं क्रोधः आलस्यं दीर्घसूत्रता ॥

An ambitious man should distance himself from these 6 vices - Sleep, Lethargy, Fear, Anger, Laziness and Procrastination

ये केचिद् दुःखिता लोके सर्वे ते स्वमुखेच्छया ।
ये केचिद् सुखिता लोके सर्वे तेऽन्यसुखेच्छया ॥

Some people are unhappy becuase they long for something they do not have. Those who are luck to get what they long for are still unhappy becuase now they long for what others have.

अभ्दिः गात्राणि शुध्यन्ति मनः सत्येन् शुध्यति ।
विद्यातपोभ्यां भूतात्मा बुद्धिर्ज्ञानेन शुध्यति ॥

You can clean your body with water. Your conscience is cleaned by the truth. Your soul is controlled by education (about soul itself, famous by Nachiketa's Atmavidya). Your intellect is cleaned by knowledge.

अभिवादनशीलस्य नित्यं वृद्धोपसेविनः ।
चत्वारि तस्य वर्धन्ते आयुर्विद्या यशो बलम् ॥

A person who is polite, respects and serves the elders will be benefited in at least these four fields. Longevity, wisdom, fame and strength. It is always important in any society for the young to respect the elderly.


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  3. My salutations to you sir for compiling this compelling group of subhaashitaani

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