एक एव खगॊ मानि वनॆ वसति चातकः ।
पिपसितॊ मृयतॆ वा यचतॆव पुरंदरं ॥
ಏಕ ಏವ ಖಗೋ ಮಾನಿ ವನೀ ವಸಿತಿ ಚಾತಕ:
ಪಿಪಸಿತೋ ಮೃಯತೇ ವಾ ಯಚತೇವಾ ಪುರಂದರಃ

There is a fable that "Chataka" bird (Crane) drinks only the rain water. Here there is a comparison that one should be like this bird. "Chataka", if it is begs will beg only the rain god for water. Otherwise it will die by thirst, but will not beg anybody else for whater.

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