दुर्बलस्य बलं राजा

दुर्बलस्य बलं राजा बालानां रोदनं बलम् ।
बलं मूर्खस्य मौनित्वं चौराणामनृतम् बलम् ॥
A king is the strength of the weak. He protects them. Ability to cry is the strength of a baby. Ability to stay silent is the strength of a fool. Likewise, a theif finds his strength in his ability to lie.


  1. can you plz tell me about meaning of this shlok. i am searching this shlok's meaning from two days.
    मन: कपिरयं विश्वपरिभ्रमण लम्पट:।
    नियन्त्रणीयो यत्नेन मुक्तिमिच्छुभिरात्मन:।

  2. Mind is like a monkey which wanders all over the world. One who wants mukti should learn how to control his mind